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After last summer in Uganda, I think I have some form of blogging-PTSD. As it turns out, writing about every single day for twelve weeks can really turn you off the whole idea altogether. It's been well over a year since I returned from that trip and I have posted exactly once in that interval. Even worse, as of today it's been exactly two months since I left Canada for Europe, and I haven't even posted anything about that! Still in recovery, it seems. ...

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On (Not) Coming Out

I am bisexual.

Such a simple statement, but syntactic modesty conceals the inescapable complexity of its sociopolitical undercurrent. Those three words are burdened, also, with a personal weight. It is difficult to imagine a person for whom a phrase like this is not so heavily charged. Maybe one day such an admission will become as innocuous as any other statement of essential fact: I have brown hair; I have blue eyes; I am bisexual (or gay, or transgender, or pansexual, or gender fluid, or any other aspect of one’s identity).

One day.

But for now, it remains complicated, at least on some level. It means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, particularly the person who says it. Actually saying it, however, can be difficult. Even just thinking it may become a turbulent exercise in gradual self-discovery.

My own experience was a strange one. It took me a long time to realize I was bisexual, and even longer to say it. Let me tell you a bit about that. ...

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Uganda Days 83-85: Last Hours in Kampala

I'll be honest, I very nearly forgot to write this. How ironic would that have been, if I'd stuck to this blog the entire time I was here and then forgot the last post. When I did remember, it was during dinner, so I wasn't sure if I'd even have time to write it, on account of having not packed anything at that point. Thankfully, I managed to breeze through it relatively quickly, and I was packed and showered by 9 o'clock. I'm not leaving for the airport until around midnight—so after all of that, I have too much time! I'm ready to go with two or three hours to spare. Really, I'd just like to get on with it! ...

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Uganda Days 79-82: The Final Week

Four days since the last post, and I still don't have much to write about! I've spent the majority of those four days just working on cover letters for job applications or otherwise staring at the screen and wishing they would write themselves. The good news is that I've made progress. The bad news is that there's a lot of progress still to be made. Somehow these things always take much longer than I expect them to. Evidently, cover letters do not come naturally to me. Do they come naturally to anyone? At any rate, my last weekend in Kampala will be devoted almost entirely to getting these finished. ...

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Uganda Days 76-78: Pride

Okay, so technically I leave next Tuesday, not Monday, but the flight is at 3 a.m. so I'm counting it as Monday anyway. Yes, exactly one week from now I'm sure I'll be darting around like a mad man trying to make sure I've got everything packed, stressing about my departure. I hate that part, the last few frantic minutes, followed by the cab ride and the security checks, all the luggage and the lines. Once I'm finally sitting on the plane, I'm happy. ...

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