Uganda Days 83-85: Last Hours in Kampala

I'll be honest, I very nearly forgot to write this. How ironic would that have been, if I'd stuck to this blog the entire time I was here and then forgot the last post. When I did remember, it was during dinner, so I wasn't sure if I'd even have time to write it, on account of having not packed anything at that point. Thankfully, I managed to breeze through it relatively quickly, and I was packed and showered by 9 o'clock. I'm not leaving for the airport until around midnight—so after all of that, I have too much time! I'm ready to go with two or three hours to spare. Really, I'd just like to get on with it!

I wish I could tell you I had an extraordinarily exciting final weekend, a last hurrah, but sadly I did not. I'm a little disappointed that rafting never happened, but I suppose I'll just have to save that for next time. Besides, of the three things I was determined to do in Uganda—Sipi, safari, rafting—it was the lowest priority. But I got to do the other two, and now that these three months have come to a close I can safely say they were my two favourite parts.

Since I don't have much to tell you about the weekend, I figured it was a good (read: last) opportunity to show you where I've been living this whole time. For anyone who's been reading since the beginning, you might remember that I promised to post some pictures of the place within the first few days. Better late than never? I've been meaning to do it ever since, but I kept postponing, and it's now or never.

I should have taken them before packing, but it wasn't really my first priority and I didn't think of it until I was done. So the place is rather empty in the pictures—though, to be fair, it's not like I had a hundred things lying about. Anyway, first stop on the tour is the entrance/kitchen/table.

Feat. twice as much luggage as I actually needed for this trip.

And here it is looking the other way. I turned on that TV exactly one time, way back in May, and it was to check if, by some miracle, they were broadcasting Raptors games in Kampala. Turns out they were, but it was in the middle of the night because of the time difference, and I'm not sure if those channels would have been accessible anyway.

Decorated in the style of "African minimalism".

Through that door is the bedroom I've been renting from the ant colony. Oh, and I forgot to mention the cockroach I killed on Friday night. I was so close to making it through this trip without any cockroaches. So close. And the size of this thing made up for the previous twelve weeks. But that's a whole other story, and I'm leaving this place for good in two hours so I'm choosing not to dwell on it.

Feat. three cans of insecticide and bug spray.

And finally, through the bedroom we arrive at the bathroom. Fairly self-explanatory.

The seat cover is not falling off, it's just too small. Not sure why they bothered.

It may have taken me about 80 days, but there you have it. It is currently 10:10, so I still have quite a wait.

Feels a bit like the end of an era, no? Next time I post on here, I'll be back in Canada. To everyone that's been following along, thanks for reading, and thanks for all of your comments and likes and everything else. Always much more enjoyable to write for an audience.

Well, that's it for now. I am off to do a once-over (or probably two or three 'once-overs') and twiddle my thumbs until it's time to leave. See you on the other side!