Uganda Days 41 & 42: Coffee for Days

This is going to be a short one, folks. After my strange and spontaneous Friday night, the rest of the weekend hasn't given me much to talk about. It's just been my usual, sitting around, reading, working on photos, drinking coffee. I don't even think there's enough to bother with headings for each day!

I ended up at the mall both days, actually. I've been trying to spend one day there and the other near my place, but the café around here isn't comfortable for extended periods of time, and I tend to get stir crazy sitting at home. Besides which, the Patisserie at the mall is the best place I've found for working. They have good coffee, they're very friendly, they let me stay as long as I want. And as I've recently discovered, their internet is the fastest I've seen since coming to Uganda. By a mile. I downloaded so many podcasts, it's amazing.

I did decide to try something new for dinner. There's a chain called Café Javas, and they have one right next to the mall. I've heard a lot of good things from a lot of people, but I'd just never gotten around to trying it. So I went. The food was pretty good. I was hoping it would be an alternative place to go and work, so I can reign in my time at Patisserie, but it's a little too big, a little too loud, not as comfortable.

Later on, at home, I decided to watch a movie. This week's pick: Bridge of Spies, which I've been anxious to see since it came out. I really enjoyed it. Who doesn't love Tom Hanks?

This morning I started off at the Patisserie near me, until I was tired of sitting there. In the afternoon I went back to the other location. Sure, it's kind of a pain to take a boda there and back, but it's better than sitting at home! So I spent most of the afternoon there, right through to dinner.

And now I'm home. I'm actually not feeling great...not sure if that was dinner or something else. So I've made myself some tea, and I'm going to relax for the few hours I have left in the weekend.

Thanks for reading!