Uganda Days 60 & 61: Two Months

I nearly forgot to write this! Just a quick little update. The past two days have mostly been a whole lot of nothing. At work, we haven't been doing anything terribly interesting—just working from the office, no interviews this week. Although I will say, all of a sudden there are a thousand things to do at work and seemingly not enough time to do them! It's going to be a very busy final few weeks at FHRI, that's for sure. I think next week we'll be doing more police visits, and hopefully (if we get approval) a prison visit, plus my supervisor mentioned we might try and interview some magistrates or judges or something. Should be interesting!

There hasn't been much going on outside of work either. What did I even do last night? Basically just made dinner and wasted away the evening—which happens to be very similar to what I did tonight as well, with the notable addition of laundry. Oh, and I ordered pizza tonight instead of cooking, because that's what Fridays are for.

This is going to be another Kampala weekend. I seriously thought about booking another safari (to the other major park) but I think I'll just have to wait until the next time I'm in Africa.

Depending on the weather, and my confidence levels, I may go shooting tomorrow around some of the markets in Kampala and downtown. I had sort of earlier decided that I wasn't going to do that, because it's not inconceivable that I might come back without a camera, but I figure I just have to go for it. I would regret it if I came back to Canada without having even tried to do a bit of street photography here. I'll be strategic about what I put in my pockets and I'll keep a death-grip on my camera from start till finish. As long as I don't lose my camera or my phone, I should be good. And my wallet, but I think I'll leave that at home.

We'll see. It'll be an experience if I do make it out, that's for sure.

Anyway, that's it for now. Have a good night!

P.S. As I was about to post this I noticed the date—I've officially been here two months as of today!