Uganda Days 50 & 51: Back at the Office

It's kind of hard to believe that my flight home is exactly five weeks from today. Well, to be fair, it's at 3 in the morning on a Tuesday, so by this time in five weeks I'll be well on my way. In a way, my time here so far feels like a bit of a blur, and it's crazy to think I've got five weeks left. But five weeks also feels like a very long time.

I don't really have much to tell you about Monday and today, but I wanted to get a blog in. It's been the usual at work, back at the office instead of roving around the city doing interviews. I've been trying to set up a few more for this week, but so far I only have one, on Thursday. On the bright side, it's given me a chance to get on top of transcribing! I think we're also starting visits to police stations on Thursday, so at the very least there will be that as well. Should be interesting.

And tomorrow I'm going to an event in the morning. I think they've called it a "consultative meeting", revolving around a draft bill about human rights workers. So meta. Should be interesting—though the first time I heard about it was late this afternoon, so tonight I've got to read the draft bill and a few other things, since at this point I have zero knowledge about any of it. It also means I have to be at work early tomorrow, and nowhere on the agenda does it say we're getting lunch, so that's rather unfortunate if it's true. But at least it's an excuse to get out of the office!

Last night I made dinner, but tonight I ordered Indian food off of that app. This time it only took two phone calls to find me, AND I didn't even have to go out to the main road to flag him down. I'm getting better at giving directions. And I'm pretty sure the only reason the phone calls were necessary at all was because the guy missed the street, so I think my directions would have worked if he hadn't.

Alright, I have a hundred things I need to do tonight, so that's it for me. Okay, maybe not a hundred. But I do need to read up on this stuff for tomorrow, and I need to fill in all of my weekly reports and things, since I haven't looked at them yet this week. FHRI has also given me a "mid-term review" to do, which is just a survey about our experience so far. One of the questions asks you to comment on how the internship experience might be improved. I think I'm going to suggest we stop wasting so much time on these reports we have to hand in every week.

Thanks for reading!