Uganda Day 17: Pardis

I can already tell that this post is mainly going to be about food. During the week, eating tends to be the most interesting part of my day. Of course, I'm sure you're all hanging on the edge of your seat waiting to find out how the report is going. Well, it's going. Slowly but surely. Tomorrow is a public holiday, but I think I will have to do at least a few hours of work to get this section finished.

Alright, enough about work. For lunch today Aliana and I walked down to La Patisserie. They don't have much real food there, but there's just enough that I can justify going. I had a meat pie, which was surprisingly good, followed by a pain au chocolat. The dessert was larger than the lunch, but I'm fine with that. I also ordered an iced coffee. I'm not sure why I keep doing this...I really don't like iced coffee all that much. When it's really hot, though, I convince myself that it's the only viable option, then instantly regret it when it arrives. Even on a hot day I'll take a hot coffee. They did serve it in a Hoegaarden beer mug, so that helped in some small way. It actually was refreshing, but I think next time I'll get something hot. Speaking of which—the guy working there has definitely clocked me as a regular, since today he asked me if I'd be having my usual. Always good to cultivate good relations in the coffee preparation industry.

I should probably be eating more lunches at work, but the food is simply not appealing, even considering the fact that it's free. i just realized that I've only had lunch at work one time, and that was on my first day. Food aside, going out is nice just to have a break from being in the office. The place starts to get claustrophobic after a while.

After I got home from work, I put away the clothes I'd left out to dry, which were still scattered all over my place. Then I turned around and headed out for dinner. Yes, in a stunning turn of events, I actually had plans tonight. I met up with André—the guy we had dinner with at the Indian place—at a middle eastern restaurant called Pardis. I'm not sure I've ever had middle eastern food, or if I have, I didn't know it at the time. I ordered fish, and it was delicious.

Fish—the menu didn't say what kind. Probably aquatic.

Pardon the terrible image, it was dark by that point. I'm a fan of good food on any day, but I think the fact that my food options are so limited and underwhelming at home has made me really appreciate eating out. For the most part, the only good food I get here is when I go to a restaurant. Certainly makes for a full stomach and an empty wallet, but it's nice from time to time. Uganda might not have much of a national cuisine, but Kampala seems to be full of really good, really diverse restaurants. Now that is something I can appreciate.

I had to take a boda to and from the restaurant, so I used my new helmet for the first time! Terribly unflattering, but immensely glad to have it.

As I mentioned, tomorrow is a public holiday here, so I have the day off. Sucks that I have to do a bit of work, but I'll park myself in a café or restaurant somewhere and enjoy myself. Friday is a regular work day, but Aliana and I are taking the day off and heading to Sipi Falls for the weekend! We finally booked our accommodation, so we're all set to go. Tomorrow we'll have to figure out exactly how we're getting there. If everything goes according to plan, we should be in for a lovely weekend. Really looking forward to it.

Alright, I am off to hit the shower and get some sleep. I'm hoping to get up early tomorrow and go find breakfast or brunch somewhere—we'll see how it goes. Good night!