Uganda Days 34 & 35: Lazy Weekends

Hello everybody! I didn't do a post yesterday and then very nearly forgot to do one today, but I remembered and here we are. I'm afraid there weren't any trips or adventures this weekend, just a couple of lazy days in Kampala; not "lazy" as in unproductive, but rather just being content to relax and do what I felt like doing. Isn't that what weekends are for? Some of them must be, at any rate. We might be planning some white water rafting next weekend, but at this point it's still just a thought and I don't want to jinx it before it even begins!


My one and only chore this weekend was to do a load of laundry. My intention was to do it Friday night, but somehow I completely forgot, and watched a movie instead. Brooklyn, this time—highly recommend (if you like that sort of film). I tried to watch a different movie, but the well-meaning folks at Funz Video mistakenly gave me a documentary with the same title, so I was forced into Plan B.

Anyway, Saturday morning was laundry, and a bit of photo editing and reading while I waited. I had the second half of my quesadilla for lunch and then took up my place at La Patisserie. More of the same there—reading and all-around personal productivity—but with a coffee and a treat in hand. I was there for a few hours before coming home. There were potential dinner plans in the works, but I decided just to spend the night in and call it a day.

All of which should illustrate why I elected to skip the blog yesterday. Wouldn't have been much to tell! I suppose I've settled into something of a routine.


Today wasn't all that different, really. Woke up, got myself ready, then had to wait an hour before leaving on account of the torrential downpour, which was so heavy it drowned out the sound of the music I had playing. Once it cleared, I went out and flagged down a boda.

The boda ride was a strange one. We were a couple of minutes in, speeding down a long, straight stretch of the main road, which at this point is a kind of thoroughfare with very little on it,  when the boda driver pulls over with no explanation. I ask what's wrong, though I have no idea what he said. Next thing I know, he asks me to get off, and it has now become apparent to me that we are very nearly out of gas. He then lays the bike down sideways on the ground for a moment, pulls it upright again, unscrews the valve on the tank, moves his face right up against it—at first I thought he was just looking in to see if there was fuel—then puts mouth right over the opening and blows inside. And then, with this magic trick complete, he tells me to get back on and we ride a little further to the gas station. We actually then have to go to a second gas station, where he gets 3500 shillings' worth of fuel. For reference, 3500 shillings is less than $2 Canadian.

Let's just say I wasn't confident we'd make it to the mall. It is, after all, on top of a hill. But the little-bike-that-could made it up the hill and everything was fine.

So I settled into my second ad hoc home, the original La Patisserie, which I think has become my favourite spot to sit and work in this city. I guess that's why I stay for hours and hours at a time.

In the afternoon I hiked even further up the hill to meet Aliana at the crêpe place. I was extremely full from lunch, and it was far too early for dinner, so oddly enough I didn't actually get a crêpe today. Which is a little disappointing, but I think I would have made myself sick if I'd tried. Not that it was a wasted trip, because I did order a mojito. I was hot and tired from walking up the hill, so I figured I might as well treat myself to a cold drink. And water gets boring, after a month. Mojito in hand, I mostly just sat and talked and enjoyed the view. It's such a great spot—I wish it wasn't so out of the way.

A while later I walked back down to the mall (much easier) and had some dinner. Came home after that, and here I am. My phone has just reminded me that I need to submit a weekly report, so I'll do that, and then it's off to bed. I have to be at work extra early tomorrow, so that I can hitch a ride to this launch event. Still, I'm glad they scheduled it on a Monday; if any day needs something to help make it more endurable, that's the one. Despite the early rise, I'm looking forward to it! But for now, enjoy the time left to your weekend—and for the love of all things sacred, no Game of Thrones spoilers until I can watch it tomorrow evening! Good night!