Uganda Day 32: One Month

Today is the 23rd of June, which means that I have officially been in Uganda for an entire month. Seems like just yesterday I was standing in the bathroom watching the water tank explode. Where did all that time go? Sometimes, I'll realize I've been here a month and I'll think, wow that went by fast! And then other times, it feels like I've been here for ages and ages and it couldn't possibly go by any slower. Strange, right? A month is a long time, but I've still got a lot of time left in Uganda.

Other than that, I haven't really got much for you today. At work we've taken up the habit of walking down to La Patisserie every day at lunch and reading for a while. It's not a huge amount of time for reading after you factor in the walking and the eating, but it's nice. The whole excursion is such a welcome break from being at work, which I guess is why we've started going every day. It'd be worthwhile even just for the chance to have a coffee.

In terms of actual work, it was back to the report today, which at this point is significantly less enticing than the earlier part of this week. We did get some good news, though—on Monday the African Policing Civilian Oversight Forum is holding an all-day event for the launch of a report on, coincidentally, pre-trial detention in Uganda, specifically in the context of a document called the Luanda Guidelines. Even more coincidentally, our division is launching a different report (about the election) on the same day, so my supervisor can't attend. Aliana and I were supposed to be there as well, but now we'll be going to the APCOF launch instead! The APCOF report is just too relevant to what we've been working on not to send somebody. It's a full day, so it should be really interesting! And this time it's just the two of us lowly interns, repping FHRI.

That's my exciting news for the day. Tomorrow is Friday and I couldn't be more anxious for the weekend. I don't have any big plans—it'll probably be similar to last weekend, but I think I'm in need of another one of those. Too many things I want to get done. I suppose some people would see excessive café-hopping and such as a waste of my time here, but for me, it's time well spent. I've got plenty of weeks left for some adventures! White water rafting and a safari are still very much on the agenda.

And with that, we're one month down—thank you to everyone who's been following along with this little blog, and thank you for all of the comments! Hope you're all doing well.