Uganda Day 11: Cookies

Great news everybody—we managed to meet our first deadline at work! Barely. The draft of the introduction for the report was due today. Work felt a bit frantic as we raced to finish it. The wifi wasn't working upstairs (where our room is) so Aliana and I spent the morning in the library, where we could access the other wifi (which is just as slow as the usual one, by the way). It was actually nice to get out of that room for a while. It tends to get stuffy and uncomfortable, and maybe just a little bit claustrophobic. We also managed to intercept the lady who comes by to sell fresh fruit juice in the morning. It was delicious.

We weren't quite able to finish the draft at work, so I decided to finish it at home. There wasn't much left, really. When I got home I made myself some dinner (eggs), because food comes first, then tackled the report. It didn't take too long to finish. I was just happy that we didn't miss our first deadline...probably wouldn't have looked too good.

With the draft submitted, I am currently listening to music, drinking tea, and eating cookies. When I left Canada, I brought some chocolate chip cookies from home. I put them in the fridge as soon as I arrived, just to buy myself some time before eating them. It's so hot and humid here, food is bound to spoil quickly. I've been staring at them in the fridge every day since I got here—it's kind of strange, but I didn't want to eat these cookies because in my head, they seemed like the last direct connection to home. I wanted them to last as long as possible. Tonight I finally caved, though. I didn't want to wait so long that they went bad. I'm happy to report that they are still delicious, and I didn't even finish them all, so there are some left for another time.

Very strange. I suppose it's just a testament to the level of homesickness I've been experiencing since I got here.

I got some bad news today, too. My great-grandmother passed away this morning. Gran was 100 years old—we were all at her 100th birthday party just a few weeks ago. What a life. Truly incredible. Sending my love to everyone back home.

But it's also a happy day, for other reasons. Shoutout to my sister for graduating from McGill today! Would have loved to be in Montreal right now.

I guess I've been homesick since I got here, but today there are just a few extra reasons why I'm missing home. Good night.