Uganda Day 28: Café-Hopping

Instead of my usual routine—by which I mean La Patisserie down the road—I thought I'd make my way to their flagship location in the morning and spend some time around the mall. Despite having become a veritable regular at the Ggaba Road branch by my place, I'd never been to the original location, except to buy a marble cake one time. If I didn't know any better, I would have guessed the one near me was unaffiliated and merely trying to capitalize on the brand by stealing it. The place at Acacia Mall is an entirely different experience: sit-down, white tablecloth, silverware already set and waiting. Very swanky indeed; and the tables are actual, life-size tables, so it's a heck of a lot more comfortable to work.

My office. Also known as La Patisserie at Acacia Mall.

I probably made quite a first impression, since I was there for almost five hours. That wasn't my original plan—but it was so lovely, and I had a power outlet, so what more could I ask for? I had eaten oatmeal at home in the overly optimistic belief that I wouldn't order breakfast, but of course I caved on arrival and had some "Belgian pancakes" (read: crêpes) with syrup and jam, which also came with coffee and fresh juice. I got black coffee for once, instead of an espresso drink—at most places, including the other location, their "black coffee" is just an americano, so I never order it, but here they had actual for-real black coffee. Which means that the latte pictured above is actually my second drink of the day. I spent nearly the whole time working on Hungary photos.

In fact, I stayed long enough that I ended up having lunch there as well. Why go somewhere else when I was already set up and being productive?

Approximately four hours into my visit at this point.

After lunch I did manage to drag myself out of there. I had a few things to get around the mall. First stop was the bookstore. I was smart and bought two this time, both of which are fairly hefty, so I should be set for a while now. I also stopped in across the street at the ever-legitimate DVD store. I still have two movies to watch from my last haul, but I've been feeling like something else. So I bought six more for less than $5 Canadian. Can't really go wrong at that price.

My final destination was Endiro Café, which is right next door. I tried an Aeropress coffee for the first time, just for the fun of it. By this point I was tired of working on photos so I cracked open one of my new books instead. So far, so good. And it really is a lovely place to read.

Endiro Café, apparently experiencing a moment of reprieve.

On weekends, if I'm already out, I try to take advantage of it and avoid cooking at home, since I'll get enough of that during the work week. But I didn't feel like eating at Cafesserie for the hundredth time, so I just ordered food at Endiro. After that, I hopped on a boda and came home. Made some tea, as per usual, and called home-home, which is always nice.

Tomorrow, it's back to work. The weekends always seem to fly by, even the ones where I'm just sitting around in different venues in Kampala. Too short! In my last few hours tonight I'll probably just do a bit of reading to close down the weekend. Good night!