Leaving Tomorrow

Wow, that month went by fast. My flight is officially less than 24 hours away. I should start packing soon, but I hate packing. I'm a chronic over-packer—I stress about not having enough so I bring more, then I stress about how much I'm bringing (but do it anyway, because once something is chosen for packing it is very difficult to put it back).

I had a very long to-do list for the month before my flight, but most of it went out the window. As it often does. I've been meaning to write a post on here for a week or two, but apparently I'm already falling behind. As I often do.

Some quick updates on the site, first of all. I uploaded photos from Paris and Versailles from last summer. Unfortunately I was so excited and relieved to have finished editing that portion of last summer's travels that I completely forgot to go back and edit all the older photos I have from Paris. Oops. So at some point—maybe I'll edit on the plane?—I will revisit and upload the rest of the Paris photos from my previous time in Paris, in 2012.

Photography as a hobby is far too much work.

While I'm in Uganda, I'm hoping to stay relatively on top of editing, so that I don't have twelve weeks' worth of photos waiting when I get home in August. We'll see how that goes. I remain cautiously optimistic.

I checked the weather forecast for Kampala a few days ago. There was at least one thunderstorm expected every day through to next Wednesday. They don't call it rainy season for nothing. After Wednesday there was no mention of thunder, but I just checked again and now they're expecting thunder every day, as far into the future as my weather app goes. Hopefully rainy season doesn't stick around for too long. Cautiously optimistic.

Here's a serious question: How does one wash dishes when there is no safe tap water? Do the bacteria(?) die when the water dries? I can't imagine having to boil water every time I need to do dishes, or dumping a few large bottles of water into the sink.

I'm at the point now where these are the things I'm stressing about. Also, riding boda-bodas.

I'll breathe a sigh of relief when I get there. Speaking of which, here's the plan: arrive at the airport, find the guy picking me up, find an ATM, buy a SIM card, get to the apartment. I likely won't have any internet access until I get a SIM card, so if anyone's freaking out because my plane landed five minutes ago and you haven't heard from me, don't call the consulate just yet. Might take a little time.

While I'm there, I'll do my best to keep this blog updated. Photos too. I'll also probably be posting on Insta. I tend to snap a lot while I'm travelling too, so add me if you feel like following along (ajdaggers).

Alright—time to pack. Wish me luck!