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Uganda Days 70-72: Two Weeks Left

Just a quick update, today. There hasn’t been much going on over the past three days, and to be honest, I probably wouldn’t even be writing a post at all except to reassure everyone that I am still alive and well, if a little bored. There was nothing noteworthy about Sunday, just my usual, trying to get stuff done while sitting around drinking coffee. Yesterday, Monday, was even less exciting, since I basically just came to work and then went home. Today has been much the same. I slept past my alarm this morning, which might be a testament either to the ants or to my waning interest in work, I’m not sure which one. ...

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Uganda Days 68 & 69: Perspective

I don't usually write these on Saturdays, but I feel like if I leave it too long I'll end up not posting anything, and that would be a real shame so close to the end!

When I went to work yesterday morning I expected it to be a fairly standard day at the office. An hour after I started, we were informed that we were doing another police visit today, and that we were leaving right now. ...

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Uganda Days 66 & 67: On Bad Luck and Good Reads

The past two days have been curiously tempered with bad luck. Not that they've been awful or anything, just a few unfortunate circumstances, lined up back-to-back by chance. First of all, let me just say that the ant problem is not quite as resolved as I had hoped it was. Yes, they sealed the bit where the wall meets the ceiling, but apparently that's not the only way in—rather obvious in hindsight, but they had been falling so consistently from the same place, I just assumed that was it. ...

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